Programme Staff Sub Saharan Africa

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Any kind of studies requires a lot of energy, good time management and all support from family, friends and colleagues. This is also true for online distance education. The UNIGIS Team at Sub Saharan Africa and at partner institutions worldwide will encourage, mentor and guide you throughout your studies. Get involved!


UNIGIS Sub Saharan Africa Instructors
Numerous internal and external experts support you with their role as instructor of our modules to cover all areas of knowlegde within the wide ranging field of Geoinformatics.

Compulsory Modules Instructor
GIS Introduction Ann Olivier
Data Modelling and Data Structures Michelle Poole
Data Sources and Data Acquisition Ann Olivier
Project Management and GIS Organisation Ann Olivier
geoDBMS Werner Olivier
OpenGIS and Distributed GI Infrastructures Werner Olivier
Spatial Statistics Ann Olivier
Geographical Analysis Sukhmani Mantel
Visualisation and Cartography Ann Olivier
Application Development Werner Olivier
Academic Work Ann Olivier